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Tai Chi Advanced 
What is next after the forms?

How do you get to the next level in Tai chi energy and softness?

Is there Really "yin power"? WTF @#& is that? 

Hi E. K Yeap here, 

We answer theses questions of'How do you get to the next level in Tai chi energy and softness principles?'

Or you into healing and your personal well being - so how is Tai chi energy going to help me achieve good health and wellness?

Many Tai chi enthusiasts find themselves stuck at their levels - some times for years, unable to make use of Tai chi with its internal energy as well as lofty Principles of using 4 ounces to defeat a thousand pounds.


I was losing faith and began to think that it was beyond me. I have learnt Tai chi for decades but had still resort to some force and power when demonstrating a Tai chi function and application.

I knew there was a softer power because I witnessed it in my seniors and my sifu. But after applying what I learned over the past years, "it" eventually dawned on me, and I had some break through.

I learned the MASTERKEY to open the door to deeper relaxation not just in the body, but in the mind. I discovered new uses for mental abilities and important body movements etc. 

In this course Tai chi master E.K Yeap shares his experience and uses the Tai chi classics and Treatise to help explain the nuances of Tai chi energetics to intermediate and advanced Tai chi students. 

While indeed we cover "theory" in our course, that word is not complete in itself and can sound to be conceptual or even 'not based on reality' but just theoretical and postulates.

Where actually, Sifu Yeap is revealing the secrets of the Classics and Treatise written and passed on from the Tai chi masters who had penetrated insights and saw through those inner secrets of Tai chi, energy flow, energy applications and self defense value. And they passed on the technology and the 'know-how' to us through those words.

On Sifu Yeap's part he is the bridge explaining and breaking down the code, decoding them into today's language to help you see these inner Secrets. 

So when you read the articles- whether it is about "Threading the 9 Pearls" or the any of the many passages that are in these classics- you basically don't understand their significance. It seems just a bunch of words which you can read and understand somewhat. 

Sifu would venture to say that your understanding would be superficial at best. You could likely get lost in the words used, and wonder and wonder what the word means / in that time era/ in that culture and come up with possible conjectures.

Only with the guidance of someone who truly understands that then he can guide you to really see and appreciate in depth of what is taught in the Classics. 

Sifu Yeap, "it's a journey, and my intention is to take you up the Tai chi mountain to venture to the next level, that you can see more."


Sifu E.K Yeap has trained more than two thousand students and has appeared numerous times on TV. His methods are contemporary and easy to understand. 

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This is What You'll Learn

rooting tree

Topic number one

The Basis of Being Centered, and being able to receive energy

CMC ward off

Topic number two

Understand Peng Jing - or Ward off Energy. The mother of all Tai chi energy.

yilding and neutralizng

Topic number three

Learn the secrets of using 4 ounces to deflect a thousand pounds. Yielding and zero-ing forces

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What People Are Saying About the Training:

Michael Hung

This course provides me with the knowledge apart from forms movement. I am grateful to Sifu E.k Yeap's sharing of his knowledge and experience. 

It is the key for me to move on to inner energy cultivation.

It has answered many of the questions in my mind for years.

Thank you so much Sifu.

Michael Hung

Tricia Lee

In the Advanced course, we do not dwell too much into the details of forms but the philosophy and the martial applications of each move. We study Taichiquan Treatise by Wang Tsung Yueh's and Wu Yu-Xiang's 13 Kinetic Movements. It is from the principles that we attempt to further understand what is grounding, yielding, neutralising, re-directing, intent (意), and last but not least, chi (氣).

I enjoy this course very much because it helps me to have an in-depth understanding of what taichi truly is. To me, taichi is not just an exercise, it is beyond form. It is a philosophy of life which one has to dedicate a lifetime to learn, to understand, to explore, and to feel. 

In short, this course has helped me to Improve focus, reduce stress and find balance!!! Thank you Sifu Yeap!!!

Cheng Kok Chin

“ In the advanced course, we not only had the opportunity to fine tune our Taichi forms but also learned how to apply theory into practice.

We were taught the principles on how to move the energy or ‘chi’ through the body via certain breathing technique and movement, how to harness these chi with our mental strength and subconscious mind, and proper grounding.

Thank you Sifu. 

Video Feed back from Past participants.

Participants Feedback.

They are students from earlier courses.

More Reasons To Join

Sifu E>K Yeap has written a book, entitled Centering and Relaxation Secrets Revealed. 

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E.K Yeap

About Master Yeap

Master E.K Yeap is Founder and lead Trainer of Wellness BioChi Academy. He is the author of 2 books on Centering, Relaxation and Power, and another on Food, Mind and Heart. He has personally mentored over 2000 students, and was chosen to teach at Citibank, Nestle, KWSP, Prudential UK, Exxon Mobil Singapore, Petronas Bhd., PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police), and many others. 


He loves empowering others to Relax, Center and Be Alert, literally saving students the 15 - 20 years learning curve in the area of Mind Body training and inner-power development.  

He teaches students to Awaken their power from within, and Deploy the processes and skills, to Empower themselves and their loved ones. 

His popular courses also cover ancient diverse ancient arts of 

Tai chi and chi kung, self defence, to leading edge science including neurobiology, thought technology and genes awakening methods. 

E.K Yeap has appeared on several National television programs: RTM 1, TV2, TV3, and TheStarOnline, Berita Harian.

He was featured in Malaysia Hari Ini (Malaysia Today), and then was invited to showcase Tai chi as one of the four modes of exercises in a 13 week episode of ‘Get in Shape’ aired on the popular RTM 2 in Malaysia in 2010.

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